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We file your dental claims to any PPO insurance provider for you.
We are In-Network for:  Ameritas,  Assurant,  Delta Dental,  Humana,  Metlife,
Blue Dental Choice Plus PPO Plan  and  UnitedHealthcare   Insurance Companies.
Dr. Levitt and Dr. Prasatthong Welcome You
To Their Pediatric Dental Practice!
  Because we specialize in children, we treat children special.
Few things in life are as beautiful as a child's smile and that smile will reflect your child's self image for years to come.
Our pediatric dental practice provides the perfect place for your child to feel comfortable and happy when visiting the dentist. Our Pediatric Dentists have completed an additional two years of dental school specifically to be the most knowledgeable dental specialist regarding your child's dental health.
It is Dr. Levitt's and Dr. Prasatthong's sincere intention to give your child the very best Pediatric Dentistry available today.
  Treating your child as an individual.
All children are not alike. We take great pride in our reputation of giving each child sincere personal attention, listening to their concerns and successfully alleviating any fears of dentistry. Our capable and loyal staff have chosen this career because they genuinely love children.
As experts in dental development, Dr. Levitt and Dr. Prasatthong are uniquely qualified to assess changes in your child's oral health and recommend treatment.
Our office extends special consideration to children who may be apprehensive in the dental environment.
  Teaching your kids about prevention.
Children become part of the cavity-free generation by taking pride in their healthy smiles and responsibility for their oral hygiene. So we not only talk to your children about good dental practices, we show them. And they also learn helpful hints about good nutrition and ways to avoid "Mr. Plaque".
How you, the parent, care for your child's primary (baby) teeth will ultimately affect the growth and development of the permanent teeth. Good dental care will directly influence your child's speaking ability, appearance, health, and self esteem.
Whether you want to persuade your child to give up a pacifier, pack a healthy lunch box or convince your young athlete to wear a mouth guard, talk to us. We can offer sound advice based on comprehensive dental research and experience.
Please feel free to ask us questions about your child's dental health.

Emergency Dental Care Instructions
Doctor's Levitt and Prasatthong can be reached 24 hours a day in an emergency, for REGULAR patients of our office.
Call our main office phone (727) 345-3151 in case of an emergency outside normal business hours.